Diddy calls Biggie ‘the greatest rapper of all time’

It’s hard to believe it’s been 26 years since The Notorious BIG passed away.

Videos of an American songwriter

Videos of an American songwriter

In honor of this tragic moment, one of Biggie’s dearest friends and collaborators sent him a special shout out. Thursday, March 9, 26 years to the day, Diddy posted a message on Twitter commemorating the deceased rapper. Alongside a video of Biggie giving a pep talk, Diddy made a bold statement about the slain rapper.

“There will NEVER be another. GREATEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME,” he wrote. “Today we celebrate and honor you, King. Love you and miss you!!” Check out the tweet below.

In the 21-second clip Diddy tweeted, Biggie talks about being ambitious and choosing your own path. Instead of blindly following in someone else’s footsteps, Biggie emphasizes the importance of agency.

Throughout his career, Notorious BIG was signed to Bad Boy Records founded by Diddy, known as Puff Daddy at the time. Because of this, the two frequently spent time together, as well as collaborating on music. In fact, many of Biggie’s most popular songs are named after Diddy.

Along with helping produce “Juicy”, “Who Shot Ya?”, “Big Poppa” and “Hypnotize”, Diddy was also featured on BIG’s posthumous track “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” in 1997. The song was released just months after Biggie’s tragic death.

Plus, songs #2, #7, and #8 from our recent “Top 10 P. Diddy Songs” list contain features of The Notorious BIG On top of that, the #1 song on our list, “I’ll Be Missing You,” was made by Diddy as a tribute in the days after Biggie’s death.

It is therefore easy to see how close the friendship of the two animators was. And, while it may be biased, Diddy’s claim that Biggie is the greatest rapper of all time is hard to deny.

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