2024 Mustang dash practice has convinced us that Ford’s unreal gamble is paying off

Currently, although a step up from the current Mustang, the potential of the seventh generation car is limited by the basic architecture on which it is built. At the moment, for example, the interactive graphics are all illustrative: SYNC 4 can show you the impact of your drive mode settings on dampers, steering, brakes, etc., but there’s no feedback. of these modules themselves on the digital version of the car. Likewise, while there is over-the-air (OTA) update support, what can actually be changed with the software comes down to specific modules spread around the Mustang.

However, it’s not hard to think of where an Unreal-powered system might progress, if Ford is of the opinion of looking for upgrades. Lap tracking that not only records times, but shows all loads and forces on a virtual car, for example, using real data captured from sensors that could be spread around the Mustang.

For something this aggressive, says Ford’s Sandvig, bosses at the automaker will need to be convinced of its worth. That’s why receiving the 2024 Mustang’s new infotainment system is so important. If that turns out to be positive, it will be easier to convince those who write the checks that future vehicles should double what we’ve seen here.

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