Several Lego games for Disney, Batman and more have reportedly been canceled by TT Games

Games Warner Bros. reportedly canceled several LEGO projects for Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman and Iron Man at its subsidiary studio TT Games. Sources said Nintendo’s life that the cancellation of various titles also includes a Lego Disney game, which would include a wide variety of characters.

According to the report, a Lego Disney title was terminated last year for an unknown reason, which included a roster of Disney characters from Jungle Book, Pirates of the Caribbean, Maleficent, Toy Story, Muppets, and Winnie the Pooh. Sources claimed that this high-level Lego title would allow players to explore a vast world filled with Diablo-like dungeons.

The player’s goal was to clear each world to save them from an evil force corrupting the environment. It was also reported that the developers were struggling with the direction of the unannounced Lego title, and TT Games had to cancel it after four years in development.

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Another cancellation mentioned in the report was Project Cosmic, a Lego game based on the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Besides the members of GOTG, it was said to feature several Marvel characters, including Adam Warlock and Nova. TT Games reportedly worked on the title for 18 months, which was being built with Unreal Engine. There is also a mobile port of Lego Worlds, which was originally in development at Playdemic but discontinued by TT Games when Playdemic was acquired by Electronic Arts.

There would also have been a non-lego shooter named Project Rainbow Road, which is now another title that will probably never see the light of day. It was using the Funko license which was later lost to developer 10:10. The now-discontinued game would bring together characters from different Warner Bros. IPSs, including DC, Rick and Morty, and Looney Tunes. Finally, the same sources claimed that a Mandalorian DLC for Lego Skywalker is now in jeopardy along with a new title based on Batman, which has apparently been cancelled.

Development of both games has now been postponed, with TT Games focusing on an unannounced project, which would be the Skywalker Saga treatment of the Lego Harry Potter series. Neither Warner Bros. nor TT Games have commented on the cancellations yet.

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