Hundred Reasons guitarist and producer Larry Hibbitt on their glorious comeback album, recording drums remotely and the 10 records that changed his life

Fifteen years after their last album, Hundred’s Reason’s Glorious Sunset might prove prophetic. If it does turn out to be their last, it is certainly glorious; that elusive balance of everything that was great about a band in the old days, with a fresh perspective. And as the band’s guitarist and now producer, Larry Hibbitt can take a well deserved bow.

“To be honest, I’m not sure we did decide it was the right time more than discover we had an album to record!” he admits to us about the decision to record after numerous successful electric and acoustic tours in the UK after a reunion at 2014’s Sonisphere festival. “It came out of conversations about wanting to do some shows and wanting there to be a reason to do them. Maybe we thought we’d write an EP, but then the music just kept coming!”

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