Get Paid to Write Reviews: 10 Best Sites

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If a product is made and no one shares an opinion about it, does it even exist? As much purchases or general consumerism is no longer done in person, people read reviews to see how the star rating will affect their buying decisions. Whether through a side hustle Or test productsyour positive or negative reviews have an impact, so you might as well get paid for them.

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10 Best Review Websites to Write and Get Paid

The best sites to write reviews, and to be paid de, are there if you know where to look. Millions of reviews influence everything from search results to potential customers or even how local businesses are found in a wider network. Here are 10 great sites to consider when writing reviews:

  1. ReviewStream
  2. Harris Poll Online
  3. G2
  4. crowdtap
  5. GetReviewed
  6. Listverse
  7. Ciao
  8. Capterra
  9. Gartner Peer Insights
  10. User testing


If you are often on social media and take the pulse of what’s currently popular, ReviewStream might be the best site for you. You can review all the posts you want – however, popular posts tend to get more likes, and the more likes you get, the more bonuses you get. Be sure to follow the platform’s posting guidelines, as this can ensure you get paid more and get more users to mark the review as helpful.

2. Harris Poll Online

As an established research company, Harris Poll Online typically has its reviewers work on products for an ongoing market campaign. Essentially, every time you complete a review or survey, you earn points, which you then redeem for gift cards. This site is not for start a blogthis site is intended for writing specific reviews, or you may even be asked to perform or participate in the following tasks for a fee:

  • Marketing Videos: Watch a series of marketing videos to give your thoughts on them or even share how you think the company could improve them.
  • Product labels: Look at the different labels to see which stand out the most to you.


G2 – formerly G2 Crowd – is a popular crowdsourcing platform for reviews. Although the earning potential varies, you can earn up to $25 per review, depending on the type of software you write about. For your review to be accepted, you must follow the site’s requirements, which include associating your LinkedIn account profile with the review.

4. Grounding

If you’re looking for a review site that you can work with from the comfort of your phone, you should consider Crowdtap. It gets even easier because Crowdtap will send you what they call daily missions, which include specific products to review. You get paid for your reviews in a variety of ways, including:

  • Free products
  • Gift cards
  • Rewards redeemable through affiliate links and brands

5. Get revised

GetReviewed is a great site for writing reviews because they pay you in cash to do sponsored reviews or blog posts. To get started, submit your blog for review and once accepted by GetReviewed, it will be publicly displayed on the platform’s marketplace. Payment for reviews is made through your PayPal account approximately two weeks after the review ends, and then approved by the advertiser.

6. Reverse list

Lists are a common and often favorite form of readers writing reviews. If you also like this type of long-form review, consider Listverse. These lists allow you to write reviews and also recommend other sponsored content, all in one fell swoop. You will receive payment via PayPal once your list is published.

7. Ciao

Although Ciao – part of the Kelkoo group – is based in the UK, it takes reviews internationally, which is a bonus. The payment varies depending on the priority of the review or the notoriety of the product. There are a variety of products to review, including some from Amazon, and it’s a great way to practice getting more reviews while increasing the amount of traffic you generate.

8. Capterra

Capterra pays you to write reviews on a variety of products and software. The fun thing about Capterra is that you’re also usually required to test the products you review, so it’s a bit more work, but also a great way to score free stuff. The extra effort is usually worth it as you get paid an average of $10 per review, which can add up to a nice amount of extra money the more reviews you write.

9. Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner Peer Insights is not only a review site that will pay you, but also one of the most successful technology and software review companies in the market. Although it has the downside of being limited to only 10 reviews per year, it pays $25 per review. So while this might not be the only review site you write for, it is a good site.

10. User testing

Although UserTesting is more of a video testimonial review platform than a writing review platform, it still pays you for your reviews and can be a good opportunity to branch out into mixed media. You will be asked to test websites and other apps and then record your video review. Talking about a product can be a nice change of pace from writing about an every once in a while.

Final grip

The nice thing about writing reviews is that most sites that will pay you don’t require a lot of experience or equipment. If you’re ready to get your foot in the door with review writing to start growing your audience and the traffic you generate, any of these sites are worth exploring.


  • How to become an appraiser and get paid?
    • There are many sites where you can become a paid reviewer, including the following:
    • ReviewStream
    • Harris Poll Online
    • G2
    • crowdtap
    • GetReviewed
    • Listverse
    • Ciao
    • Capterra
    • Gartner Peer Insights
    • User testing
    • Poll follower
  • Are you paid for Amazon reviews?
    • You don’t get paid for Amazon reviews in cash, but you can score things for free through the Amazon Vine program. It’s invite-only, so it might be a bit more difficult to get in, but it’s a good way to do testing and reviews for Amazon sellers directly through your Amazon Prime account.
    • Amazon makes the decision of who to invite to become a Vine Voice based on your reviewer ranking, the complete nature of your reviews, the number of negative or positive reviews you have, the frequency of your reviews, the type of products you’ve reviewed and how many upvotes your reviews receive.
  • Can you get paid to do Google reviews?
    • Leaving Google reviews can help you grow your review platform and your reputation, but Google doesn’t pay for your reviews. It also discourages business owners or small businesses from enticing customers with free products or money to leave positive reviews, as this could be considered coercion.
  • Do you get paid to write reviews on Yelp?
    • No, Yelp does not compensate users who write reviews on its site.

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