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You’re here founder Elon Musk is no stranger to doing business in Texas. Tesla World Headquarters are in the Austin area, as are the Boring Company offices, and SpaceX facilities and a Neuralink campus are underway. Twitter’s new owner has also purchased land all around these properties over the past few years, and details are only now beginning to fully emerge from the scope of his plans for the area.

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Musk reportedly plans to develop a town for his employees, which he plans to call Snailbrook (the name of the Boring Company’s mascot). The tech CEO reportedly has his eye on a part of Bastrop County 35 miles outside Austin and described the company as a “Texan utopia” where its workers could live in newer homes for rents cheaper, all under his control.

These aren’t just idle thoughts: the city is reportedly already under construction, with a Bastrop County site across from the new Boring and SpaceX facilities already outfitted with a set of modular homes, a swimming pool, and a gym. County officials have approved street names in the area, such as “Boring Boulevard”, “Cutterhead Crossing” and “Waterjet Way”. Signs even hang from poles in the area with the line: “Welcome, snailbrook, tx, est. 2021.”

Elon Musk addresses 15,000 guests at the new Tesla Gigafactory Texas near Austin.


A company associated with Musk, Gapped Bass, has reportedly filed paperwork to build 110 more homes in the area for something it calls “Project Amazing,” for which it has partnered with home-builder Lennar. And as of last year, Boring Company employees could already have applied for homes managed by Musk, with “rents starting at around $800 a month for a two or three bedroom,” a competitive figure for the area.

THE Log was unable to determine the exact amount of land Musk owns in the area – it’s at least 3,500 acres, but estimates from other sources range up to 6,000 acres. Some vendors in those deals would have been required to sign nondisclosure agreements, as would some local development officials, and multiple sources interviewed for the story say they get the impression that Musk would want this project to proceed as quickly and as quickly. discreetly as possible. A local landowner has expressed concern about the lack of transparency around Musk’s goals and fears the environmental impact of the large-scale development he has in mind.

If Snailbrook goes as Musk wants, an even bigger community isn’t out of the question: the Log reviewed text messages suggesting that Musk also considered building an entire city in Texas. Exact details of the types of homes he wants to build have yet to be discovered, but the article says he would have used to discuss his plans with ex-girlfriend Grimes and Kanye West, who had his own big plans to build whole communities over the years.

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