Bob Odenkirk Says He’ll Star in ‘The Room’ Remake

Bob Odenkerk shared that he is starring in a remake of the cult 2003 film “Bedroom“, taking the lead role of Johnny, created by the film’s writer and director Tommy Wiseau.

slashfilm first reported on the project on Wednesday morning, with the “Better Call Saul” star corroborating the details through a post on his Twitter account.

“It’s real. It’s true,” Odenkirk wrote Wednesday night. .”

Before Odenkirk commented on the project, buzz surrounding “The Room” remake had already emerged on social media in recent weeks. According to the report, the production is from Acting For a Cause, an organization that has raised money for various charitable causes by asking for donations tied to digital performances. Founded and led by Brando Crawford, the group has already hosted names like Zazie Beetz, Julia Fox, Alex Wolff and Justice Smith.

Representatives for Odenkirk, Crawford and Wiseau were not immediately available for comment. It remains unclear what degree of involvement Wiseau has in the project, if any.

The organization shared an image of Odenkirk’s role in the remake on Instagram. The majority of the production was reportedly shot on green screen.

The remake of “The Room” aims to raise funds for the non-profit organization amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research.

Odenkirk reportedly filmed his role in January. No official release date for the remake has been confirmed. Actor Cameron Kasky, who is linked with the production, has also shared footage of actor Bella Heathcoate on set, appearing to play femme fatale Lisa (created by Juliette Daniels).

One of the first cult films of the century, “The Room” emerged from a chaotic, secretly funded independent production to dismal reviews and low attendance. However, it wasn’t long before the film found a grateful audience, with Wiseau capitalizing on the situation by hosting and appearing at late-night screenings in Los Angeles. Wiseau continues to promote the film in person to this day.

The drama, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, has gained a global audience, with specialist screenings often encouraging vocal and mocking audience participation. Wiseau co-star Greg Sestero wrote a book called “The Disaster Artist” about his experience directing the film. The book was adapted into a 2017 feature film directed by James Franco, which earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

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