A Netizen Shares His Grandfather’s Adorable Habit Of Keeping Records Of The Movies He Watched

Keeping a journal is beneficial for humans as it serves as memories and insight into someone’s life. Each person has a different way of using a journal that reflects their personality or interests. Some people would incorporate their artistic side, while others prefer a minimalist approach. By keeping a journal, you can not only keep records of your life, but also express yourself freely. On each page you will see how far you have come and how you have become the person you are now. Looking back will be easy – you’ll laugh or cry at memories you thought you’d forgotten.

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Your entries are filled with interesting things that your loved ones will like to read one day. They will learn more about you and the things that took you so long. And thanks to a diary, a man surprisingly discovered how much his grandfather loved to record all the movies he watched. It was a completely organized list that included date, movie title, time, and language. The diary was a fascinating article that had been with the surfer’s grandfather for ages. It’s like a book that you can use as a reference whenever you’re looking for something to watch. The grandson shared two pages of the record books on Twitter and gained a lot of engagement online.

Photo: Twitter/AK

AK wrote in the caption: “A long time ago my grandfather created his own version of Letter box to keep track of the movies he had watched. I am amazed that he has seen Hitchcock and James Bond films in the cinema. His grandfather’s movie list was not only a treasure to keep, but also had trivia about each movie. In his second tweet, AK said, “This is crazy. Apparently Anbe Vaa (1966) was inspired by Come September (1961) and my grandfather had watched both films in the cinema. The tweet caught the attention moviegoers and those who found the treasured item.People suggested that the diary be preserved and protected.

Grandpa certainly has a remarkable habit that can also be practiced nowadays. It’s a special way to write entries in your diary, mainly when you’re a movie buff. Sometimes people tend to forget a title or the year the movie was released — the book of records is a good solution. If others are keeping a music diary, then you can start with your movie diary like grandpa. You can also associate a movie relating to what happened in your day. There are plenty of ways to make journaling fun like grandpa – you can start now and thank yourself in the future.

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