The Quiet Corner of Web3 That Means Business

1. B. Turczynski, “HR statistics 2020: job search, hiring, recruitment and interviews», Zety, updated on January 9, 2020,; And “Your Organization’s Reputation at Stake: The Real Cost of Academic FraudPDF file (Herndon, Virginia: National Student Clearinghouse, 2016),

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3. The W3C is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the web. The W3Cs Verifiable ID the standard was published in 2019; It is Decentralized identifiers standard was published in July 2022.

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5. The Sovrin Network is managed by the association Foundation of the prize. The foundation has licensed more than 80 independent volunteers on six continents to operate network nodes.

6. The NHS lists organizations that have signed up to use the digital staff passport on its website.

7. THE Trust Over IP Foundation was launched in 2020 with the mission to develop a comprehensive architecture for digital trust on the Internet.

8. THE OrgBook for the province of British Columbia is available and can be searched online.

9.BC WalletGovernment ID, Government of British Columbia, accessed January 11, 2023,

ten. THE FIDO Alliance is an open industry association whose mission is to reduce the world’s overreliance on passwords.

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13. The three cases all use the Sovrin network. In this network, transaction costs are low; only issuers pay a small fee (about $10) to publish their public keys to the registry, and the issuer can use the key to sign an unlimited number of credentials. At this point, verifiers are not charged for reading the register.

14. The W3C lists 136 methods for decentralized credentials. See “DID Specification Registries: The Decentralized Identifier Interoperability Registry», W3C, updated on January 7, 2023,

I.In regards to», Web3 Foundation, consulted on January 11, 2023,

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