The Oasis classic that was written on a broken down train

Oasis is a rare band with B-sides often as interesting as their A-sides. The Gallagher brothers were at the peak of their fame, as was the tail end of the music industry still valuing physical singles, and Noel Gallagher played such a role in the mid-1990s that even the band’s disposable gear would eventually become the focus of their legacy.

The master plan, the collection of B-sides and outtakes that did not make it onto their first three albums, remains a cornerstone of Oasis’ discography. With Definitely maybe And What’s the story (Morning Glory), the master plan ranks among Oasis’ most satisfying albums. It’s complete with classic songs like “Talk Tonight” and a live version of the Beatles song “I Am the Walrus”, which would eventually become the last song played by the Gallagher brothers.

While talking to The sun in 2006, Gallagher spotlighted another classic track from the compilation album, “Acquiesce”. “It was written to go to a studio in Wales to record ‘Some Might Say,'” Gallagher acknowledged. “The train broke down, and I was stuck for four hours, and I wrote this song. Someone had said ‘Acquiesce’ on the phone, and I had written it. Liam still doesn’t know what that means.

Recorded in the same sessions that produced “Some Might Say”, it was decided that “Acquiesce” would be the B-side. This came at the expense of Creation Records owner Alan McGee, who insisted that the song was good enough for a single release. The song quickly became a favorite, and fans began to theorize that the song was about the often turbulent relationship of the Gallagher brothers.

“People have the misconception that the song is about me and Liam, which pisses me off because the lyrics of the second verse are, ‘To sing my soul to sleep, and take me back to bed,'” Gallagher explained. . “It’s absolutely not about me and our child, and we’ve never shared a bed – and if I was looking for someone to take me to bed, it wouldn’t be Liam!”

With shared lead vocals and the same rock and roll vibe that made morning glory work, “Acquiesce” recently found its way into Liam Gallagher’s live sets. Noel seemed to stray off track, and with no real sign of an Oasis reunion, it looks like “Acquiesce” really could be a relic of the past.

Check out ‘Asquiesce’ below.

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