The current WWE Champion has sent a cease and desist letter

Austin Theory has a clear path to WWE Wrestle Mania 39. The current WWE United States Champion had spent months calling out John Cena on a recurring basis, but he’s taken his taunts to the hilt over the past two weeks. Theory blasted the now part-time WWE star and warned he would confront him over his Monday night raw feedback. The threat from Theory was not in vain, as he stood against Cena last Monday, challenging the multi-world champion to a match in April. WWE Wrestlemania 39. Cena eventually agreed, but not before downplaying Theory’s abilities and questioning the 25-year-old’s readiness.

Fighting Cena won’t be Theory’s only obstacle on the road to WWE Wrestlemania 39. National Wrestling Alliance’s Vik Dalishus and Hale Collins sent two cease and desist letters to WWE because Theory used their nickname as a catchphrase. Dalishus and Collins are collectively known as “The NOW,” which happens to be what Theory has branded themselves since last fall. Theory has referred to himself as “now” in several promotional segments and wears a wristband that features the slogan in writing.

“My initial reaction was shock, because we’ve copyrighted it since 2006, and there are a lot of people in WWE who know Hale and me, know our names and know we own it.” Dalishus said Hudson Valley Post. “We sent two cease and desist letters to WWE, they recognized one and said they would review it. Reviewing it does not preclude it from being on TV.”

Dalishus and Collins noted that if WWE/Theory did not stop using the tagline, they would be suing for “trademark infringement and creating market confusion”.

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