Scientists are getting closer to cyberpunk robotic human augments

If there’s one thing pop culture, video games, and my own imagination have taught me, it’s that augmenting your body with robotics is going to be insane. games like Deus Ex (opens in a new tab)– which is still as good today with the right mods— assured me that if I want to run faster, see better, or regenerate my health, boosts are absolutely the way to go. As someone who has a body that’s less than kind to her most of the time, I’m here for the cyborg revolution, and she might be closer than we think.

The Guardian (opens in a new tab) recently spoke with researchers working in the field of cognitive neuroscience at the MRC cognition and brain unit at the University of Cambridge, about the integration of robotic parts into the human body. They believe incorporating these increases could not only help human productivity immensely, but could be just on the horizon.

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