Packable AI exoskeleton cranks outdoor adventure into hyperdrive

Forget sports drinks and energy goos, Hypershell has a more tangible and powerful way to boost your mountain and trail performance. The Shanghai startup seeks to unleash exoskeleton technology from the work places And battlefield where it is often found and send it out to sea.

The company’s new series of exoskeletons channels the power of a horse into the legs of human adventurers, allowing them to explore farther, run faster, climb higher and enjoy the outdoors more than they do. yearn to live. Average Joe becomes an intrepid explorer.

Hypershell imagines its Omega exoskeleton platform as a sort of human power bank, keeping legs cooler and allowing them to venture further without getting tired. Unlike some of the fuller-bodied exoskeletons on the market, the 4.4lb (2kg) Omega is specifically designed around portability, collapsing into a 6.5L shape that can be attached or carried in a bag back. This way, users can choose to wear it for the whole trip or pack it up and dress for the particularly difficult stages of the trip.

Hypershell exoskeleton folds up and fits in or on a backpack


While 4.4 lbs is a lot to add to a backpack (many backpacking tents weigh less), the Hypershell Omega more than makes up for it. The lower body machine adjusts in size to accommodate the user’s waist and legs, then uses its built-in 1 HP (800 W) permanent magnet synchronous motor to provide support. assistance that compensates for up to 66 lbs (30 kg) of weight. The user feels less weight regardless of the load they are carrying and can walk, run or climb more easily, allowing them to conserve energy and go on adventures for longer. The exoskeleton supports running speeds of up to 12 mph (20 km/h), providing a range of up to 16 miles (25 km) per charge.

The Hypershell Omega has one active joint and eight passive joints for smooth, unrestricted movement. It relies on a multi-sensor architecture to track torque, position and force, monitor leg movement and model gait in milliseconds via two integrated processors. The device then adjusts the power of the motor through nine different modes, including walking, running, climbing and biking. “Hyper mode” allows immediate push-button access to maximum system output. The AI ‚Äč‚Äčengine intelligently predicts its next move and seamlessly adapts the assist output, learning and adapting to the user over time for more intuitive operation.

The Omega exoskeleton attaches to the waist with a belt and to the legs with straps
The Omega exoskeleton attaches to the waist with a belt and to the legs with straps


An exoskeleton of this shape seems to be more useful for multi-day backpacking trips, as opposed to short afternoon hikes, but limited range could quickly drain the battery. Hypershell tries to circumvent this problem by equipping the exoskeleton with two hot-swappable lithium batteries integrated into the sides of the aluminum-magnesium chassis. Users can carry extra batteries and swap them out as needed, as long as they are willing to pack an extra 14oz (400g) per pair of batteries.

In addition to hikers and backpackers, Hypershell imagines its exoskeleton being used by mountain climbers, cyclists and trail runners, as well as outdoor professionals like photographers and search and rescue teams. Back in civilization, the Hypershell Omega could be just as useful for cruising down city streets or visiting theme parks.

The Hypershell Omega exoskeleton has operating modes and supports speeds of up to 20 km/h. "hyper mode"
The Hypershell Omega exoskeleton has operating modes and supports speeds of up to 12 mph in “hyper mode”


Hypershell is trying to launch production now, offering three different exoskeleton models based on the same Omega platform on Starter. Starting at a commitment level of HK$2,339 (about US$299), the base Hypershell Go has a smaller 400W motor for a lower top speed of 7.5 mph (12 km/ h). The standard Pro model has the specs outlined above and starts at HK$3,129 (US$399), while the lighter 4lb (1.8kg) Carbon model climbs up to HK$6,189 (US$790). US$). Deliveries will begin in September if all goes as planned.

Hypershell gives a more detailed look in the video below.

One-powered artificial intelligence exoskeleton powers your daily adventure

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