Naruto Cosplay terrifies with Itachi Uchiha

At Masashi Kishimoto’s naruto Iis now celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first original animeand a great disguise helps remind fans just how terrifying Itachi Uchiha can be! The franchise made its on-screen debut in Japan in the early 2000s and grew to become much bigger in the decades that followed. Naruto as a series is now at a very different point than it was then, and fans have seen all sorts of memorable villains introduced as the series continues to tell its new stories through new episodes. anime and manga chapters.

But even with all the villains and terrible enemies fans have seen since Naruto began its run, there are a few that remain at the top of many fans’ list. A being Itachi Uchiha, who started the series as Sasuke’s target of revenge due to the elimination of the rest of his own clan, but by the end of his time on the show has become a much more tragic figure. However, he’s still very terrifying when at full power, and it’s that terror that artist yaizaperez on TikTok perfectly captures with a wicked cosplay. Check it out:


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What’s Next For Naruto’s 20th Anniversary

Naruto is now celebrating its 20th anniversary for the original anime premiere, and it’s already kicked things off with a bang. Not only releasing special new animated videos showcasing some of the franchise’s best moments to date, but special videos showing how far the manga has come. Things continue to heat up as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations launches its own slate of great episodes as it looks back on the events of the manga after more than a year of working on the anime’s original content.

You can find Boruto: Naruto Next Generations now streaming with Crunchyroll and Hulu, and they’re teasing the sequel to the anime series as such, “As peace reigns among the ninja clans, so does the question of becoming one. Now a generation of wonders like Boruto Uzumaki, son of the Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, are challenged to live under the shadow of their parents. Shinobi’s life has changed, and so has the path to it. The ninja legacy continues and a new ninja chapter begins!”

What are your favorite Itachi moments from Naruto’is the anime running? Let us know all your thoughts on this and all things anime in the comments!

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