Listen to the deluxe edition of RV’s ‘Inconspicuous’ mixtape

At the very end of last month, VR released their third full-length solo project, Discreet-a collection of 10 titles that arrived without the slightest ounce of grease on it. He is now back with a deluxe version which includes two additional tracks: “DIY Freestyle” and “Guilty”. “DIY Freestyle” was teased with a studio visual last month, but we didn’t hear more until it found its way into this new deluxe release from Discreet.

Likewise, “Guilty”, which was produced by Chucks and Emz Beats, was released the day before the project, but was then oddly left out. This came as a bit of a surprise to many of us for a number of reasons, including that it featured the same artwork, was released a few hours prior as a single, and featured former RV sparring partner Headie One . A shoo-in surely?

Whatever the behind-the-scenes reasons, it doesn’t really matter, but this new version really does feel final. Hopefully we’ll see the final “DIY Freestyle” video soon. “My plans for 2023 are just to release more music, try different genres, unexpected collaborations and another project,” RV told Complex.

In the meantime, listen to the new deluxe version of Discreet below.

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