Liam Neeson Re-enacts Iconic ‘Taken’ Hockey Game Scene

Liam Neeson recreated the iconic phone scene from his 2008 hit Taken at a hockey game in New York.

While watching the game between the New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators at Madison Square Garden, a clip from the iconic scene of Taken was shown on the jumbotron before switching to Neeson recreating the scene in real life to loud applause.

The scene sees Neeson’s character, Bryan Mills, threatening the person who kidnapped his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) over the phone, which spawned the famous phrase, “I have a special set of skills.”

Watch the re-enactment below.

Last month, Liam Neeson revealed he wasn’t a fan of the phone scene when he first read the film’s script. “I certainly looked scary, but I thought it was cheesy,” Neeson said. share in a recent interview. “It was a ball of corn. I really felt that. It’s okay to be wrong.”

Neeson also previously revealed that he first thought Taken would be a box office flop. “I thought, ‘Well, it’s going to go straight to video. A little short European thriller, it might just play for a few weeks in France and then it’ll go straight to video,'” he said. Fox took it and they very smartly made a good trailer and put it on various sporting events across the country and they made it a real hit.”

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