Introducing News Explorer: A Collaborative Human-AI Experience

With today’s update of Decrypt homepage, you may have noticed the addition of a new section with a modest footprint: a human-curated feed of AI-summarized breaking news headlines generated from sources on the Web. We call this feature the news explorer.

This is a small but important foray into the world of curation and AI content creation for Decryptand we believe this is a great added value for our homepage visitors.

A lot editors are now experimenting with the impressive, but still far from perfect, capabilities of the latest generation of large language models and other AI tools. But as many other publications notedit is essential to be deliberate and methodical with these approaches.

We believe the best and most ethical course of action here is one that combines measured introductions of AI with careful human oversight, both to detect and correct errors and provide valuable training data to refine our approach.

Here’s how it works behind the scenes: our custom AI tool summarizes the media headlines and articles we’ve added, and a Decrypt the editor verifies their accuracy before publishing them in the News Explorer feed. Click on any headline in the news explorer and it will take you to a land ate which contains summaries of each story and a link to the source.

This is the News Explorer homepage, accessed by clicking any headline in News Explorer on our homepage.

News Explorer is an experience in creating technology tools that augment the capabilities of our talented staff.

If successful, we also hope that it can serve as a basis for Decrypt pursue more ambitious projects and experiments in the application of AI to media.

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