Ciena Stock Gets Relative Strength Rating Upgrade

Respect (HUNDRED) the stock saw a positive improvement in its Relative Strength Rating (RS) Tuesday, with an increase from 62 to 77.

When searching for the best stocks to buy and watchbe sure to pay attention to relative price strength.

IBD’s proprietary RS Rating identifies market leadership using a score from 1 (worst) to 99 (best) that shows how a stock’s price performance over the past 52 weeks compares to all other actions from our database.

History shows that the biggest winners in the market often have an RS rating above 80 at the start of their moves. See if Ciena stock can continue to show renewed price strength and break through this threshold.

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Is Ciena Stock a buy?

Ciena stock is trading on a short flat basis. While this isn’t the perfect time to jump in, see if the telecom stock manages to establish itself and enter a shopping area in big business. Read “Looking for the next big winners in the stock market? Start with these 3 steps” for more advice.

As for the high and low numbers, the telecommunications company posted two quarters of growing earnings growth. Revenue growth also increased over the same period.

Ciena stock ranks second among its peers in the Telecom-Fiber Optic industry group. Free field (CLFD) And Lumentum Fund (LIGHT) are also among the highest rated stocks in the group.


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