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Let your inner child rejoice: a beloved toy is making waves on your TV in a totally unique way. A new show, hot wheels, should air on NBC and will give lucky Car Superfans the opportunity to take an ordinary life-size vehicle and turn it into a completely epic creation in their own vision. But what exactly should you expect from this exciting new series? Keep reading to find out.

Inspired by the best-selling miniature car collection of the same name, Hot Wheels is a 10-episode car makeover competition series. The premise is: “Each episode will invite two passionate car fans and Hot Wheels lovers to the Chrome Zone, where they will compete as they each transform an ordinary vehicle into an extraordinary Hot Wheels showtopper, inspired by personal stories and touchstones of pop culture. Working alongside a team of automotive wizards known as “The Car Pool”, the two Superfans will craft their creations in high-tech, ornate garages. Raising the competition stakes is the Inspirationator 5000, a larger-than-life vending machine that will rev up with each episode to present Superfans with a turning point in the road.

Hot Wheels will be hosted by the former Top of the line Host and NASCAR features journalist Rutledge Wood. It will also include a panel of Famous judges and expert automotive culture judges, who will declare the winner of each episode. The winner of each episode will receive $25,000 and advance to the final. The best part? The overall winner will receive an additional $50,000 and the season-winning car will receive their own official Hot Wheels model!

Hot Wheels will bring some serious nostalgia to car enthusiasts. “Everyone remembers his first car, the life experiences he had and the friends who accompanied him. Hot Wheels is a legendary brand with broad appeal that has created space for the imagination to run wild. We are thrilled to partner with Mattel to combine this nostalgia with fantastical and extreme car transformations,” said Corie Henson, Executive Vice President of Unscripted Programming for NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “It’s a larger-than-life family viewing with sharpness and humor led by car enthusiast Rutledge Wood, whose creativity, credibility and passion for Hot Wheels make him the perfect person to drive this competition. savage.”

Be sure to check Hot Wheels soon on NBC. A release date is to be determined.

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