Alex Gibney Films Elon Musk Documentary

For now, the project is simply called Musk, according The Hollywood Reporter. Other than the name and the general vibe that it will be taking a close look at one of the world’s richest men and tech’s most famous CEOs, there aren’t many details about the documentary currently. There’s no release date (or even release year), and it’s unclear whether it will focus on certain aspects of Musk’s business or personal life, or try to cover them. in general. Gibney says he’s been working on it “on and off, for a while” according Deadline.

This won’t be the first documentary about Musk. He was the subject of 2018 Elon Musk: The Real Life of Iron Man and a 2022 BBC program simply called The Elon Musk Show. It is also featured in Netflix back in spacewhich covers aerospace company SpaceX, and an AI film titled Do you trust this computer?

Gibney has a reputation for being judgmental and incisive. He helped scrutinize Enron, Volkswagen, the Church of Scientology and many others in documentaries like The smartest guys in the room, Dirty moneyAnd go clear. He was also relatively critical of Musk in the past, so personally I wouldn’t expect Musk to end up being a flaky piece. But even though I have enjoyed many of Gibney’s earlier works and know that he is very good at simplifying and explaining complex subjects, I wonder if it is even possible to understand and communicate whatever is happening on twitter these days.

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