Will Smith ‘tried unsuccessfully’ to contact Chris Rock

Saturday night, after nearly a year of radio silence, Chris Rock finally told the world what he thought of Will Smith. During a live Netflix stand-up special, the comic ripped off his abuser – and his wife – a new one, calling them “sluts” who he said weren’t raised properly. That probably won’t help Smith launch his comeback, but for what it’s worth, the actor tried to make amends, with little success.

A source recount People that since hit the rock on live television at last year’s Oscars, Smith “felt bad for so long.” He even tried to right the ship. “He tried unsuccessfully to make amends as best he could with Chris.”

Rock might not be interested in forgiving Smith anytime soon (same with his mom), but Smith reached out to people who would listen to him. The source says that “family is important to him and [Smith] relied on them” after the incident. “All of this has helped him to look within and mature. He is better but still remorseful.

They added: “Will has listened to those who have tried to help him and feels he has become a better person.”

Of course, Rock doesn’t have to forgive Smith, whose antics seem to have rattled him yet again. During his set, however, Rock insisted he wasn’t a “victim,” and maybe one day he can watch. Made in America without bursting into hives.

(Via People)

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