What is Bing with ChatGPT? Here’s everything we know

Some users had early access to the chatbot, and they were quick to share their experiences. Many of these users made it their mission to test the chatbot’s capabilities and expose its flaws, which were numerous.

From revealing his PIN name used internally by developers, to declare love to a New York Times writer and asking him to leave his wifeFor wishing he were alive, the chatbot was acting out of control.

Also: Bing powered by Microsoft’s ChatGPT argues with users and reveals confidential information

Therefore, Microsoft decided to launch the chatbot with a new session limit, increasing chat sessions from an unlimited session to a limit of five questions and a limit of 50 chat rounds per day. This limit was later expanded to six chat rounds per session and 60 total chats per day, still less than users’ original experience.

Microsoft notes that the long, convoluted chat sessions weren’t something it tested internally, so public usage and feedback has actually been helpful in learning more about the chatbot.

“In fact, the very reason we’re testing the new Bing out in the open with a limited set of preview testers is precisely to find those atypical use cases from which we can learn and improve the product.” , says Microsoft.

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