Redfall will be crossplay on all platforms

Anyone who looks forward to red fall (most of us) will be happy to hear that it will be cross-play between all available platforms.

On Monday, Arkane Studios announced via a questions and answers for developers This red fall supports cross-play on Xbox, Epic Games Store, Steam and PC Game Pass. This means you and up to three other people can band together to take on the vampiric hordes, regardless of platform! Makes coordinating with friends a whole lot easier, huh?

red fall is the latest effort from Arkane Austin, the development house that brought us modern classics like Prey And Dishonored. Like the studio’s previous efforts, red fallThe campaign combines high-octane FPS combat and devious immersive simulation sequences in an open world filled with vampires – it seems positively dark.

There is little time left before red fall comes out, when it launches on May 2, 2023, for Xbox Series X | S and PC. Initially, it was supposed to be released before the end of 2022, before Bethesda postponed the game to this year. There was no release date announcement until recently Xbox Developer Direct Showcase.

I’m crossing my fingers for that red fall won’t get another delay until then, especially since it’s likely to be the biggest first-party Xbox release until star field drops.

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