One-Punch Man Artist releases first teaser for new anime

One-punch man Artist Yusuke Murata is now hard at work on a brand new anime production, and now fans have received the first teaser for the first major work, Zaiyuki, from the artist’s new studio. THE One-punch man And Eyeshield 21 The illustrator has earned a huge reputation among fans for the quality of work in each new manga chapter supporting the original ONE webcomic. But the illustrator has been getting a lot more attention lately with some examples of the kind of animation they might be capable of. We will now see it in the form of a brand new anime production.

Forming the new Village Studio, Murata recently caught the attention of fans around the world by sharing the first look at this studio’s first major project, Zaiyuk.I. It was a brief look at the characters in the new project and even a bit on the move, but now the artist has gone even further with the first teaser clips for the upcoming project that show off his personality even more. You can check out the two clips below as shared by Murata on Twitter:

What is Yusuke Murata’s new anime?

Zaiyukithe first one major production from Yusuke Murata’s Village Studio, yet to reveal what kind of anime project it will be. It is not yet known whether or not it will be a series, a feature film or an OVA production, but what has been revealed is that it will be inspired by the classic story. from Journey to the West. This includes characters taken from that tale, but updated with new designs of Murata’s clearly well-crafted eye.

This new project will focus on a young Kappa boy caught up in a wild new adventure with all kinds of wild characters, and these teaser clips show what this new project looks like in motion. It’s still very early in production, but these teases show that fans should probably keep an eye out for Murata’s big anime debut.

What do you think of this new look at Yusuke Murata’s new anime project? What would you like to see in action from Zaiyuki? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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