Journey hates each other so much they hired private security guards to protect each other

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Journey has been released on a very successful tour at the moment. What success do you ask? Nothing special, just a huge $30 million in gross revenue reported so far.

Life must be pretty damn good when you print that kind of money, right? No! Unfortunately, the group really seems on the verge of imploding right now.

Only a few weeks ago, frontman Arnel Pineda turned heads when he asked the band to fire him on social media. In a series of rather scathing tweets, he said:

you guys are amazing… whoever is spreading rumors about me regarding the #GregRollie issue? are maliciously ignorant.. i will not stoop to your level..”

“I’I’m with the band to sing the legacy.#from words to deeds”

all that I know? East #i paid my dues so stop reminding me where i’m from… because it’s in my heart every day… you don’t care… i’m not a slave… i’m a human being like anyone else…#malestmal #rightisright it’s simple..”

Now, in a new report from Billboardit looks like things in Journey land have been falling apart behind the scenes for a while now between members Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain.

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, guitarist Neal Schon followed the big brother conspiracy theory last year during the band’s arena tour, convincing himself that his camp members were ” out to catch him”.

As any rational mind would in this situation, he hired two off-duty cops to patrol and guard his dressing room. Seeking to raise the paranoia a few pegs, he then reportedly sent an assistant to break into keyboardist Jonathan Cain’s dressing room. What he hoped to find is not entirely clear.

Unfortunately for Schon, Cain grabbed the locker room spy, then (quite understandably at this point) turned around and hired his own off-duty cop to keep Schon and company out of his own locker room.

Apparently the rest of the tour consisted of fights over security guards. Signs of reconciliation are nowhere to be found, as sources say Schon and Cain stood “at least 20 yards apart at all times on either side of the stage” during a Journey show January 27.

“It’s just the level of pettiness and control and conspiracy that they’ve come to believe in,” a source told Billboard.

Where is this all going, who really knows? But for now, we’re just sitting with popcorn in hand, watching this shipwreck unfold in slow motion. Will Cain and Schon reconcile with ‘Open Arms’? Or continue to follow their “separate paths” [Worlds Apart]? Sorry, what’s life without the puns of Journey?

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