‘Fox & Friends’ Talks Dominion Trial in ‘SNL’ Cold Open

Amid a $1.6 billion lawsuit(Opens in a new tab) against media giant Fox News, saturday night live opened with a parody of fox and friends to discuss the latest allegations that the Fox hosts knowingly lied about 2020 voter fraud. Performers Mikey Day, Heidi Gardner and Bowen Yang performed Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade, respectively.

The lawsuit, filed by Dominion Voting Systems, alleges that Fox News executives and on-air personalities knew claims of a rigged 2020 presidential election were not true, but that message continued to be promoted on the airways of Fox News. Most recently, Fox Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch admitted that some hosts have actually promoted lies(Opens in a new tab) about the 2020 presidential contest flight.

“Now you might be wondering if this is such a big story, why didn’t I hear about it on Fox,” Gardner said during the skit.

“I think it’s because they’re suing us for $1.6 billion,” Yang replies.

Throughout the sketch, the fox and friends the crew do their best to rebuff the allegations and even invite MyPillow CEO and Prominent Voter Fraud Checker(Opens in a new tab) Mike Lindell on the CPAC live show. The special guest appearance doesn’t go as planned when Lindell claims that Dominion Voting Systems is putting Venezuelan Oompa Loompa in their voting machines and giving “triple the votes to Democrats, Undergrounds and that M&M lady who has ceased to shave the pits”.

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