After Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors were caught staring at a reporter, she dropped a funny response

Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors are currently embarking on a massive press tour to promote their new movie, Creed III. They seem to get along well and have fantastic chemistry, even through a long promotional schedule. They also seemed to be having fun during a particular interview with an entertainment reporter. And funny enough, they were caught staring at her after she finished her interview. The clip is hilarious and the reporter was flattered by posting a funny response after the moment went viral.

Sharronda Williams was one of many journalists who had the opportunity to interview Creed III stars at a recent press conference. Her bubbly personality put both movie stars at ease and she asked great, thoughtful questions about the film. At the start and end of the interview, Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors can be seen hilariously checking out Williams, and honestly, it only took a little while before their looks went down. attract the attention of the Internet. Williams herself thought the moment was also very funny and posted a cheeky response. You can consult it instagram post below:

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