The Raptures are now ‘cool’ with LCD Soundsystem’s ‘cruel’ James Murphy

Pick upLuke Jenner opened up about resolving his rocky relationship with the former label boss and LCD audio system brain James Murphy.

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Talk to NME for the Is rock ‘n’ roll killing brains? ! QuizJenner revealed that for two years Murphy would “deliberately anger” him despite Jenner seeing him as a “parental figure.”

“He saw me as a super sexy young dude who was really upset and he wanted to tape that down, so he turned me on on purpose and then said ‘Go record the voice’. Which was cruel! Listen [debut album] “Echoes” is like watching someone chew glass,” Jenner said.

He went on to say that when The Rapture signed their record deal with DFA, “James’ description was, ‘We’re gonna tie our left hands together and in our right hands we’re both gonna have knives. . And that’s how we’re going to keep it honest. That’s how he described our relationship – and he was one of my best friends! That was the game.”

“It was like playing touch football with my dad as a kid, he would win every time and then kick the sand in my face. As I was crying hysterically, he didn’t care – as long as I “He was the best! I didn’t sit down and discuss all this with James, but when I see him I give him a hug,” he continued.

“At some point, our relationship turned. We collaborated and then I became his enemy and he wanted to erase me. Ten years ago, I said to him: ‘You won! Your band is more popular than mine forever and nothing will ever change that. Are we cool now? And he said to me: ‘Yeah, that’s fine’. I’ve seen James a few times since and we’re cool,” Jenner added.

LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy. CREDIT: Jim Dyson/Getty Images

DFA Records released The Rapture’s debut album ‘Echoes’ and third album ‘In The Grace Of Your Love’. In 2019, Jenner confirmed Result that they still “owe” the label an album.

Talk to NMEJenner said he would “love” to do a new Rapture album.

“I would like The Rapture to be a part of my life. The thing I would like to accomplish before my life ends is to heal relationships with Vito Vito [Roccoforte, The Rapture’s drummer] and – to some extent – ​​James [Murphy].”

The Rapture function in Meet me in the bathrooman immersive journey through the groundbreaking New York music scene of the early 2000s, following bands like Shots, Yeah yeah yeah, Interpol and LCD sound system. It’s slated to hit theaters on March 10, but fans get to see it early via NME screens.

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