Is Pedro Pascal gay? Inside the rumors surrounding his sexuality

As Kim Cattrall’s public relations specialist Samantha Jones said on “Sex and the City” while trying to make her boyfriend a star, “First comes the gays, then the girls, then the guys.” [entertainment] industry.”

Perhaps no one has been better proof of this theory than “The last of usStar Pedro Pascal, 47, who has risen to household name status in part because of how beloved he is by queer people.

On reflection, “beloved” might actually be understating things – “thirst for” is more accurate, and the source of Pedro Pascal’s thirst for queer people lies partly in the long-running rumors that Pascal himself is queer.

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Is Pedro Pascal gay or bisexual?

There is no confirmation (or denial) of Pascal’s sexuality.

Although Pascal keeps his private life pretty close to the vest, he definitely has an undeniable affinity for queer people and queer culture.

Pascal has never stated his sexuality but is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community, including his trans sister Lux Pascal.

Pascal has spoken out in favor of gay rights on several occasions.

When her younger sister, a Chilean actress Lux Pascal28, came out transgender in 2021, he was the first to publicly kiss it.

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