Here are 23 spring shoes I’m looking at from Nordstrom right now

Before becoming a copywriter, I had a few fashion-related jobs while studying in New York. An editorial intern at Who What Wear was one of them, but a footwear associate at Nordstrom was another department that required more time. I spent my whole day browsing new shipments, helping customers, and of course browsing the sales shelves on my own. Although my days in sales are over, I still use what I learned from that job in my current role. I think about specific shoe styles that work for different occasions, notice what’s trending for the current season, and take a closer look at products to see what’s really worth spending. (I worked on commission, so the last thing I wanted was a return.) And as a publisher, the last thing I want is for readers to be unhappy with a purchase.

Although I wish I could sit down with every reader virtually and act as a partner, I did the next best thing. I’ve spent hours browsing the hundreds of pages on Nordstrom’s site to find the best shoes to buy for spring. As someone who used to arrange shipments, I understand that the volume of shoes available can be a bit overwhelming. But to make it a little easier, keep scrolling to see the selection I’ve put together below.

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