Why Niall Horan says it’s “a real honor” to work with Blake Shelton

New The voice Coach Niall Horan is clearly a fan of Blake Shelton for many reasons. In an interview with BNC Insiderhe gave some details about his experience working with Coach OG this year.

“It was amazing to work with Kelly Clarkson And Blake Shelton. Meeting them for the first time, the bond I made with them was incredible. It was so fun to dive into that Southern sense of humor with them and see what happens behind the scenes. It was hilarious,” he said.

Horan continued, “Blake, he is like a father to me. You know, he really helped me during the show. I really enjoyed his company and watching him was a real honor. (Season 23 will be Shelton’s Last on The voiceand he will be greatly missed).

Horan also talked about what makes Season 23 unique in terms of skills. “I can’t say I watched each season in a row, but what I would say about the artists this year is that the talent is off the scale. I see it here with my own eyes , performance after performance,” he told NBC insider.

“We have [an] amazing age range, and what I would say is that our young stars are so mature. These are ages that you would look at on paper and say, ‘Whoa’, but the maturity and their performance and in their voice [are] mad. You’re going for a real ride, America,” he continued enthusiastically.

In another interview with BNC Insider, Niall Horan revealed the best parts of being a coach on The voice. “I love finding new talent online and such, so I really wanted to get involved and find a new generation of talent that we can nurture and build a career,” he said. “I’m thrilled to win this thing. I’ve got an amazing team of ridiculous talent. I didn’t hit my buzzer every time, because I was super picky about who I wanted on my team. I wanted all different types of singers, all different types of genres, I just wanted character.”

Horan expressed a similar sentiment in an interview with the radio show 2FM Breakfast with Doireann, Donncha and Carl. “The most important thing is to choose the team,” he told the Hosts. “You get a team of 10 and that’s great; you push the red button, that’s harder than Kelly Clarkson, that’s all that stuff. That’s the big part.”

“Then the rest is basically choosing songs for people, which I love, coming up with musical arrangements with the band and the artist, which is really cool. It’s actually a lot more interactive than I didn’t think so with artists. ,” he added.

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