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blockchain The technology is slowly but surely making its way into the gaming industry. Several game developers are now using blockchain to create new, innovative games that provide players with a truly unique gaming experience. Here is a list of some of the most popular blockchain games currently available on Polygon:

Planet IX

Embark on a journey to bring the once barren planet of IX back to life! In Planet IX, you will take control of an artificially intelligent entity (AIE) and make decisions that could alter its future.

As you explore this game’s gripping narrative, you’ll uncover the mysteries of its universe as they slowly unfold with each journey as your AIE. With its roots deep in science fiction and virtual worlds, Planet IX has grown into an immersive metaverse full of exciting features, such as earning rewards by collecting and spending IXT Tokens.

Playing this game lets you conquer virtual territory, experiment with technology, and engage in combat with other players. During your journey, you can expand your kingdom by collecting virtual assets such as corporations and characters that provide individual benefits and goals to complete. As your resource wealth grows, it behooves you to manage them all carefully and use them for the highest purpose so you can build the world of tomorrow.

The game also offers many unique opportunities to challenge its vibrant community, with over 550,000 players already involved and 400 million NFTs sold. So get ready for a lucrative journey through massive galaxies – welcome aboard Planet IX!

sunflower land

Sunflower Land is a first Blockchain game that brings together the world of digital asset trading and blockchain gaming. Built by an enthusiastic team of developers and artists, this game lets you create an empire on a desert island while experiencing new gameplay.

As you explore the land, discover new islands, trade resources with players, and complete daily quests, it stores your progress on the Polygon blockchain.

You can mine for gold or plant sunflower seeds – everything is kept safe as an identifiable resource, giving Sunflower Land a unique and secure experience.

Arc8 by GAME

Arc8 by GAMEE has created a one-of-a-kind gaming platform where you can play your favorite classic arcade games and more while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Compete against other players and climb the leaderboard to get GMEE tokens in games. This innovative Play-to-Earn concept allows players to prove their skills and earn rewards from the comfort of their own home.

The blockchain experience opens up immense possibilities for players around the world, and with Arc8, it’s now easier to access this exciting new technology. So grab your phone or PC and join a game, then let your actions determine your success!

Summit Oath

In Oath of Peak, players can explore an oriental world full of surprises. Drawing inspiration from the Classic of Mountains and Seas, there is no shortage of stunning scenery: towering mountain ranges, blazing rivers, lush meadows and stately palaces. It will indeed be a sight to behold!

Plus, you’ll also be able to forge strong bonds with the thousands of monsters and pets that inhabit this fairytale world. Through adventures together, players can raise their animal companions from egg to adulthood while aiding them in battles and fostering their growth. This game is unlike any other, where you can make friends even without a common language.

The Smurfs Society

The Smurf Society represents a real attempt to revolutionize the current NFT market with its revolutionary combination of blockchain technology and trusted global brand.

Web3 and collective intelligence create an immersive experience with exclusive rewards and opportunities.

This gamified process design showcases the value of joining such a community and what it can bring to each participant. It is also the only project carried by such a renowned name, offering an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration and personal reward. After all, there’s no better representation of the power of unity and coming together than that famous little blue band – the Smurfs!

The red village

The Red Village is an immersive dark-fantasy ecosystem that players can enjoy in two ways; through the tournaments already launched (in beta version) and the next MMORPG Darklands.

It features NFT champions in five distinct classes, each with unique attributes, skills, and traits, meaning there are 28,000 Pureblood champions in the game. Additionally, players who participate in the game will be able to get close of four distinct lineages; Genesis (genotype R1-R3), Mystic (R4-6), Warlord (R7-R9), and Lionheart (R10-12).

You can join forces with other NFT communities in epic faction battles if you’re feeling daring. These clashes take place in custom-built arenas designed to accurately reflect each community’s theme and aesthetic.

Once players have completed their journey through the difficult area of ​​Bloodwraith Gaa’gore, they can summon powerful Halfblood champions to build their armies. Savvy strategists also take the time to study and learn more about each champion’s abilities so they can improve their stats by breeding more powerful fighters over time.

Exploring the innovative multiplayer fantasy world of The Red Village promises hours of captivating entertainment!

Crypto unicorns

Crypto Unicorns is a next-gen blockchain game that flips the traditional farming simulation.

The game offers players a wide range of unicorns and one-of-a-kind land NFTs – non-fungible tokens – that breathe new life into an already popular genre.

Players can expect engaging activities like unicorn jousting, racing, and team battles as they explore the world of Crypto Unicorns. With every action influencing market prices and rewards, ever-changing game dynamics invite players from all walks of life to join in the fun.4

One Global Nation

Enter One World Nation, or OWN, to explore a unique gaming Cryptoverse set on the mysterious planet of Crypton. Here, your favorite cryptos and tokens come to life as mighty warriors known as Cryptonites!

An NFT represents every warrior you can collect, own, and use for games on the platform. The goal? To create a winning team of five Cryptonites over a specific period and receive points from their performance in the real world.

These warriors belong to one of twelve Crypto clans – ranging from Bitcoin Assassins to Etherean Monks – who compete in various activities inspired by the crypto markets. So experience something exciting and new, join OWL and participate today!

The land of dust

If running and cycling are your favorite activities and you’re a fan of OliveX’s games, then Dustland is a perfect choice. It rewards real-world gamers for their efforts, making it a fantastic way to stay in shape while gaming online.

Dustland offers NFTs that allow access to its metaverse, collectibles, and unique gameplay experiences, all using DOSE’s cross-chain compatible utility tokens. So no matter what type of fitness enthusiast you are, playing Dustland will allow you to enjoy these attractive rewards while becoming more active.

Rise of the Elves

Rise of Elves is a revolutionary game that uses Blockchain technology to create a digital world of exploration and adventure.

Players can nurture their very own elf in this real-time casual development game, customizing it with various non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to enhance its power, appearance, and unique characteristics. Collecting different types of NFTs allows players to level up their Elves in engaging and rewarding ways. Not only that, but Rise of Elves also offers the fun of training and combat experiences as players level up their characters to reach their full potential. In the context of “play to win”, this revolutionary game entertains while offering players a new way of life.


No matter what type of gamer you are, there is a blockchain game that can provide endless entertainment and rewards. These games will have something for everyone, from the classic fantasy world of The Red Village to the unique universe of Crypto Unicorns. Rise of Elves, OWL, and Dustland allow players to explore exciting new worlds while earning rewards.

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