The feds questioned Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian over their ties to Playboy fugitive Jho Low

In February 2019, Kim Kardashian told the FBI how, at the end of a long night partying with Malaysian playboy Jho Low in Las Vegas, he gave her $350,000 in casino chips. According to a document obtained by Bloomberg Business Week. On Thursday, the magazine reported the existence of previously undisclosed FBI files revealing new details about Low’s relationship with his star-studded best friends – or former best friends, given that the 41-year-old is now a international fugitive accused of divert billions of dollars of the corrupt Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB. Another such compadres was Leonardo DiCaprio, who was interviewed by federal agents in April 2018, according to Bloomberg. DiCaprio and Low were so close that at one point they called each other “my man” and “Ldogg”, respectively, and met each other’s mothers. Like Kardashian, DiCaprio received priceless gifts from Low, including a copy of the first edition of Gatsby the magnificent and an Oscar won by Marlon Brando. These were eventually turned over to federal authorities by DiCaprio’s attorneys, according to FBI records.

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