Sarah Michelle Gellar Explains How Wolf Pack’s Werewolves Are Like Buffy’s Vampires

Sarah Michelle Gellar is no stranger to roles in the sci-fi/fantasy/horror genres; just ask his characters I know what you did last summer, scooby-dooand of course, buffy the vampire slayer. Gellar’s final role in Paramount + Wolf Pack sees her back in the supernatural realm, only instead of primarily dealing with buffy‘s vampires, she deals with the werewolves of the new series. According to the actress, the two species are actually quite similar.

THE Wolf Pack star spoke with CinemaBlend’s Laura Hurley at SCAD TVfest in Atlanta, talking about the werewolf drama. When asked if new fans potentially discover her through Wolf Packwerewolves vs. buffy‘s vampires, Gellar had a very poignant response:

I’m sure there will be [some]. I haven’t personally experienced this, but I think ultimately the monsters are all metaphors for demons here. [points to head] So whether it’s a vampire or a werewolf, or some other monster that we don’t know about, it’s really about the fears that we have, and that’s something to which I think everyone identifies.

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