Prince William backed King Charles’ decision to deport Harry and Meghan

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King Charles’ decision evict Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage and move Prince Andrew was taken “in partnership” with Prince William, a source told The Daily Beast.

The source, a friend of King Charles and Camilla and the wider family, told The Daily Beast: “Charles doesn’t make these decisions in isolation. He has the support of his son and heir and works in partnership with him. They form a unit and are closer than ever.

The decision to evict Harry and Meghan from Frogmore Cottage also highlighted the uncertainty surrounding their presence at the Sacrewhich should take place in a little over two months.

The Daily Beast understands that Harry and Meghan will always be invited to the coronation, and that family and officials always act on the assumption that they will be there.

But Harry suggested in an interview to promote his book that he would only attend if he received an apology for the way he says he and Meghan were treated by the family. Friends of the Royal Family scoffed at the suggestion, saying the Royal Family firmly believed they had no reason to apologize.

The friend reiterated that, saying, “It’s clearly up to them if they accept the invitation. Plans are made based on what they will do.

When asked where the Sussexes would stay if they come, given that their home is being packed up and due back immediately after the coronation, and is therefore unlikely to be fit for the dwelling, the friend said that safe arrangements for the couple would “of course” be made if they chose to come.

There is no doubt, however, that the revelation that the couple are indeed being kicked out of the UK royal estate (they could of course buy property in the UK as private individuals if they so choose, but that wouldn’t be a blow punches in the middle of Windsor Great Park) puts the issue of their participation in the coronation in a very different light.

William won’t shed a tear if Harry doesn’t pull through. He feels completely betrayed by Harry. Relations have never been so bad and he hates him for what he has done to the family in books and interviews.

Friend of Harry and William

Another source, an old friend of William and Harry, who is no longer in contact with Harry, told The Daily Beast: “William won’t shed a tear if Harry doesn’t pull through. He feels completely betrayed by Harry. Relations have never been so bad and he hates him for what he has done to the family in books and interviews. He will support his father’s decision, but it’s no secret that he’d rather he wasn’t there or, indeed, never set foot in England again.

Asked if comments made by King Charles in his accession speech in which he said he wanted to express his love for Harry and Meghan ‘as they continue to build their lives overseas’ could now be Considered an order for the couple to avoid the UK, the friend said: ‘You’d think they’d get the hint by now.’

William, Britain’s Prince of Wales, Catherine, Princess of Wales, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex walk outside Windsor Castle, following the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, in Windsor, Britain, on September 10, 2022.

Peter Nicholls via Reuters

The friend said they had no idea if William and Kate would eventually move into the Royal Lodge, as has been rumored in some quarters, although a palace source told The Daily Beast that William and Kate were “very happy” in their current accommodation, Adelaide Cottage. , a four-bedroom house on the Windsor estate. There has also been speculation that the Welsh could move into Windsor Castle itself.

Regardless of whether it affects the Welsh or not, Charles’s decision to kick the Sussexes out of Frogmore Cottage was undoubtedly a blow to the couple, who made an official comment confirming that they had been “asked to leave “the property just hours after journalist Omid Scobie, the biographer of Harry and Meghan, who is known to have excellent contacts within the Sussex organization and has at times acted as a quasi-spokesman for the couple, wrote in a Yahoo! article that the couple were “appalled” by the decision to evict them from the property.

It all seems very final and like a cruel punishment.

Friend of Harry and Meghan

“It all feels very definitive and like a cruel punishment,” a friend of the couple told Scobie. “It’s like [the family] I want to permanently remove them from the picture.

The source, who given Scobie’s close relationship with the Sussexes likely gave a true reflection of the couple’s state of mind, added: ‘It’s not just a random rental they keep for convenience. Every drawer is full, every closet is full… It’s a real family home.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the story to The Daily Beast or other outlets, with insiders seeking to make it an internal family affair. Prince William’s office said it did not wish to comment and the Sussex camp did not return emails seeking further comment.

However, The Daily Beast understands that the King is extremely concerned about appearances of extravagance as a cost of living crisis hits Britain.

It’s not pretty for a house to be empty, so it can accommodate Harry and Meghan once in a blue moon.

Friend of King Charles

A friend of the king told the Daily Beast this week“Charles has made it clear that he wants to reduce the size of the royal estate. It’s not nice for a house to be empty, so it can accommodate Harry and Meghan once in a blue moon.

Charles’ dramatic decision to cut his son off from his UK residence will go a long way to dispelling the perception that Charles was weak or indulgent in reference to Harry. To make the gist even sharper, Charles is said to have started legal proceedings against the couple the day after Harry’s memoir. Spare has been published.

This decision will be a catalyst for collapse, accelerating what looks like a now inevitable total dissolution of cordial relations between the two parties.

Then-Prince Charles and his sons Prince William and Prince Harry pose for photos in Klosters, March 31, 2005.

Ruben speaks via Reuters

As a source told The Sun: “Charles wanted to start after his Coronation with the problems of Harry and Meghan and Andrew put to bed. The situation had gone on too long and he wanted to act decisively and quickly.

Members of the royal family have always preferred to speak with actions rather than words.

With this action, Charles is letting Harry and the world know that for whatever reason – be it a lack of trust, fear of actually having a hostile chronicler living in the heart of the royal estate, or simply a matter of money like some in his camp have already claimed– he just doesn’t want Harry anymore.

By anyone’s standards, reaching the point where you expel your own child from family land is a milestone. But it’s a fitting marker of the astonishing depth of bitterness that paved the way for resentment and division that Harry and his family continue to journey through.

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