Matthew McConaughey’s Wife Camila Details Scary Airplane Experience

Camila Alves McConaughey is safe after a grueling plane trip.

On March 1, a Lufthansa flight bound for Texas to Germany was forced to make an emergency landing at a Virginia airport after being buffeted by severe turbulence, according to BNC News. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority told the outlet that seven passengers were taken to a local hospital, although details of their condition were not given.

While Camila—who share three children with husband Matthew McConaughey— was unharmed, she detailed the frightening experience in an Instagram post on March 2. Alongside a video showing the rest of the incident, the model recalled how the plane “dropped almost 4,000 feet” while in the air.

“Everything was flying everywhere,” she captioned footage of food and plates strewn across the floor of the plane. “The plane was a CHAOS and the turbulence [sic] while coming.”

Camila went on to express her gratitude to those who ensured the passengers were cared for after the ordeal, including the “kind” staff at a hotel in the area who put the travelers up for the night.

“And we arrived at the bar with 1 minute before closing,” she continued, “slept well, catching a new flight today, For the trip I’m going on.”

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