Huobi to Join BitTorrent Chain Ecosystem and Create Blockchain “Super Network”

Crypto exchange Houbi will join the BitTorrent Channel (BTTC), the company revealed in an announcement.

Huobi’s integration with cross-chain layer 2 solution will enable “seamless asset exchange” by connecting major smart contract blockchains, including Ethereum, tron And BNB Channelthe exchange said in a statement shared with Decrypt.

The result promises to be a “super network connecting all blockchains”, which will help promote an open on-chain financial system, according to Huobi.

“The crypto exchange’s decision reflects an industry focus on Layer 2 developments,” said Tron founder and Huobi global advisory board member Justin Sun. He added that Huobi’s integration with BTTC demonstrates BTTC’s “pioneer status among its peers in the field of building a comprehensive and pragmatic Layer 2 cross-chain network structure and platform. “.

What is the BitTorrent Channel?

Launched in December 2021, BitTorrent Chain is a layer 2 solution for Ethereum, Tron and BNB Chain. BTTC’s cross-chain solution enables the seamless exchange of assets between these blockchains, connecting them to provide a secure, low-cost, and fast development environment for decentralized applications (dapps).

Later in 2023, BTTC plans to integrate zero proof-of-knowledge (ZK) technology, the project revealed in a Tweeter.

Founded in 2013, crypto exchange Huobi has grown to support over 50 million users worldwide, trading $100 trillion in cumulative assets. In November 2022, the company changed its name with a new growth strategy that reflects its evolution into a blockchain business ecosystem spanning digital asset trading, financial derivatives, wallets, research, investments and l ‘incubation.

Adding Huobi to BTTC’s ecosystem will “promote the development and use of on-chain decentralized applications and improve the exchange’s own ecosystem,” a Huobi spokesperson said. They added that by supporting Layer 2 development on mainstream chains including Ethereum and Tron, the exchange aims to “provide an open, secure and diverse environment for all relevant developer teams.”

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