Here’s When You Can Watch Netflix’s Shadow and Bone Season 2

One of the smash hits of 2021 was by Netflix shadow and bonea big-budget fantasy series that wowed fans of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Twilight. Adapted from Israeli-American author Leigh Bardugo shadow and bone A young adult novel, the eight-episode series tells the story of Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), a young orphan raised in Ravka who discovers she is a Grisha, meaning someone with special abilities. . She must ultimately battle the ominous menace of Aleksander Kirigan (Ben Barnes), also known as The Darkling.

The first season of shadow and bone was somewhat affected by critics and the public, becoming only tthe third show on Netflix to stay at the top ratings for 12 consecutive days. Naturally, a second season was quickly ordered and last year production began on the highly anticipated follow-up season. The fans know shadow and bone Season 2 is fast approaching, but when will it be released exactly? And what additional information is there about the season? Digital Trends has all the answers for you.

When can you watch Shadow and Bone season 2?

You can start watching the second season of the hit fantasy series on midnight PT/3:00 a.m. ET on March 16.

How many episodes does Shadow and Bone season 2 have?

Like the first season, shadow and bone season 2 will have eight episodes.

What is Shadow and Bone season 2 about?

Three young people stand on a street in Shadow and Bone.

Here is the official plot synopsis from Netflix: “Alina Starkov is on the run. A beacon of hope to some and a suspected traitor to others, she is determined to bring down the Shadow Fold and save Ravka from ruin. But General Kirigan came back to finish what he started. Supported by a terrifying new army of seemingly indestructible ghost monsters and fearsome new Grisha recruits, Kirigan is more dangerous than ever. For a fighting chance against him, Alina and Mal rally their own powerful new allies and begin a journey across the continent to find two mythical creatures that will amplify his powers.

“Back in Ketterdam, the Crows must forge new alliances as they face old rivals and even older grudges that not only threaten their place in the Barrel, but their very lives. When a chance for a deadly heist arises, the Crows will once again find themselves on a collision course with the legendary Sun Summoner.

“Based on Leigh Bardugo’s best-selling Grishaverse novels, Shadow and Bone returns for a second season of new friendships, new romance, bigger battles, epic adventures – and a shocking family secret that could do it all. to break.”

Is there a trailer for Shadow and Bone season 2 that I can watch?

Absolutely! It’s here:

Shadow and Bone Season 2 will air on Netflix. How can I subscribe?

Netflix is ​​still one of the dominant forces in the streaming world, with over 220 million subscribers. The service includes a library of original programs and well-known classics that appeal to groups of all ages. Netflix is ​​home to streaming giants stranger things, WednesdayAnd Bridgertonthree of the most-watched shows on the service.

On the cinema side, Red notice, don’t look up, And bird box are three of the most streamed movies on Netflix. Check out the top 10 weekly lists for the most popular movies on netflix and the most popular tv shows on netflix for popular titles on the service.

A young woman uses her powers in Shadow & Bone.

How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix now has four price plans after adding an option with ads. The four plans are Basic with Ads, Basic, Standard, and Premium. Basic with ads costs $7 per month and can be viewed on one supported device at a time.

Basic costs $10 per month and includes unlimited programming on a supported device. Standard is also unlimited, costs $15, and can be watched on two supported devices at once. The top tier, Premium, also unlimited, costs $20 per month and can be watched on four supported devices at once.

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