Everything Everywhere, All At Once: Hot Dog Fingers And Sex Toy Trophy Bring Thousands Of Dollars At Online Props Auction | Everything everywhere all at once

Prosthetic hot dog hands, a raccoon puppet nicknamed Raccacoonie and a googly-eyed rock have fetched thousands of dollars in an online auction of props from award-season favorite movie Everything Everywhere All at Once.

The week-long auction, which ended Thursday, included 43 props and costumes from the multiverse comedy-drama, nominated for 11 Oscars. movie stars michelle yeo as Evelyn Wang, a Chinese-American laundromat owner who tries to keep her life and family together while jumping between universes to save the world.

The most desired lot of all was Raccacoonie, a raccoon puppet that features in a film universe where the raccoon is revealed to be helping a chef in his kitchen, a reference to the Pixar film Ratatouille. Raccacoonie grossed US$90,000.

A Auditor of the month trophy – in the form of a sex toy – which belongs to an IRS bureaucrat played by Jamie Lee Curtis, sold for US$60,000, while hot dog hands worn in a reality universe sold for US$55,000

The cherry lip balm used by Evelyn’s husband Waymond, played by Ke Huy Quan, fetched US$5,000, while the Wang family’s RV sold for $11,000. Buyer was warned in the lot description that it is “currently not road legal” and “needs a new transmission, engine, tires and some serious TLC to go. ‘interior’.

A rock with googly eyes glued to it – part of a pivotal scene in the film – sold for US$13,200.

“It’s not because it’s a rock,” Jason Kisvarday, the film’s production designer, told The New York Times. “It’s because of the number of people who have seen the rock, who are excited about this rock, and it means something to them.”

He added that he was surprised by the selling price of certain lots. “There’s usually not a lot of demand or interest in this stuff after the movie comes out,” he said.

The auction raised a total of US$555,725 (A$824,000, £465,000) for charity. Proceeds will be donated to three organizations: the Asian Mental Health Project, the Transgender Law Center and the Laundry Workers Center, which aims to improve working conditions for people working in the laundry, warehouse and restaurant industries.

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This is just the latest prop auction held by film studio A24, which has also already auctioned items and clothing from his films Midsommar and Uncut Gems.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is A24’s highest-grossing title, making over $100 million global. He’s won accolades at the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and Baftas this year, and is one of the favorites to take home several more Oscars in just over a week.

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