A Yellow iPhone 14 Could Be Apple’s Spring Surprise

According MacRumors, Apple seems to be taking this product launch very seriously. In fact, the company intends to hold a special briefing for this announcement, although Apple has yet to make an announcement about it. It’s also pertinent to note that the company had a similar product briefing on March 8, 2022, when it released the iPhone 13 series in a green color choice.

Although Apple seems to place great importance on these mid-life color updates and has periodically tried this tactic, there is no evidence that these marketing strategies translate into increased sales. Also, since Apple doesn’t break down shipping numbers by color options, it will be difficult to gauge the impact of the new color option on sales numbers for the iPhone 14 lineup.

The decision to relaunch the iPhone 14 series in the new yellow color option could be a last-ditch attempt by the company to boost the sales figures of the iPhone 14 Plus. Launched as an alternative to the iPhone 13 Mini, Apple is struggling to convince buyers to opt for this model. iPhone 14 Plus sales are mostly cannibalized by its larger screen cousin, the iPhone 14 Prowhich is only slightly more expensive.

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