10 trailblazing Valèncian startups to watch in 2023

València’s technology ecosystem is growing and maturing at a rapid pace. Founders, investors and business leaders in the city are unanimous in saying that this region of Spain will assert itself as a technology hub to be reckoned with In the years to come.

Names like Flywire, Fever and Jeff are well known, but there are tons of other Valencian startups and scale-ups that are making waves at home and abroad. Before The first Next Web conference in Valencia on March 30 and 31, we zoom in on 10 remarkable local startups, selected by TNW and its main strategic partners conference partners: Shuttle, Marina de Empresas and Startup València.

Let’s dive into it.

Zeleros Hyperloop

Zeleros Hyperloop is one of the world’s leading hyperloop developers. Since its foundation in 2016 by Juan Vicen Balaguer (CMO), David Pistoni (CEO) and Daniel Orient (CTO), Zeleros has been working on the ultra-fast train that will transport people and goods through vacuum tubes on maglev tracks at speeds of up to 1000km/h.