‘Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj Absolutely Destroys Tucker Carlson’s ‘Glory Hole’

Hassan Minhaj returned for his second night of accommodation The daily show Tuesday. And this time he had a bigger target in his sights that the Dilbert guys.

For his main story, the former correspondent decided to go all out on the Dominion Voting System show. $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News on 2020 election disinformation.

“Fox knew the election wasn’t stolen, but they said it anyway? Minhaj said in response to the recently released “explosive” testimony. “It’s not shocking! If Brian Kilmeade ever finished a Wordle, it would be shocking.

While Minhaj wasn’t “shocked”, he was “very amused” by the text messages that came out in discovery in which Fox stars like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham revealed who they “really are” by poking fun at the outrageous lies of the likes of Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

“Oh my god, do you realize what that means?” He asked. “These people are secretly… sane!” They also don’t respect the people they have on their shows. These guys are texting each other all day about Fox News bullshit. Their group chat is basically MSNBC.

Most importantly, Minhaj said, the piece that really “frightened” him was by Tucker Carlson, who argued that Fox News needed to support Trump’s lies more in order to compete with even more goofy conservative outlets like Newsmax.

“Do you understand what he is saying here? Minhaj asked. “He’s like, ‘If I don’t say this bullshit, my viewers are going to leave me. All the while, we thought Fox News was manipulating its viewers. But it turns out viewers were manipulating Fox News.

Minhaj concluded the track by comparing Carlson to a “moral void” that “glorifies election deniers.” In other words, a “glory hole”.

“And his viewers expect him to please them with his mouth,” he said. “And he’s constantly terrified that they’ll find a new, more satisfying glory hole. And that’s why Tucker Carlson will never stop sucking.

For more, listen to Hasan Minhaj on The Last Laugh Podcast.

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