Dell Just Dropped the Price of This Popular Laptop to $220

Hurry! This Dell laptop is $199, and it could be a mistake

THE laptop deals that you will find online come in all shapes and sizes to meet the different needs of shoppers. If you’re on a tight budget, here’s a deal it’ll be hard to refuse – the Dell Inspiron 15 for just $220, after Dell’s $80 discount from its $300 list price. The availability of … Read more

Scientists have found major storage capacity in water-based batteries

water-based batteries

Scientists at Texas A&M University worked with metal-free water-based battery electrodes, and found that the difference in energy storage capacity could be as high as 1000%. How do water-based batteries work? In the scientists’ paper, published in Natural materials this week, water-based, or aqueous, batteries consist of a cathode – the negatively charged electrode; an … Read more

More Twitter chaos on the way

More Twitter chaos on the way

Artwork: Brendan Lynch/Axios The blue checks we associate with authenticity, trustworthiness, and notoriety on Twitter should disappear tomorrow from accounts that won’t pay badges. Why is it important: The way people interpret content on the platform is going to change dramatically. Context: Prior to Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, accounts received blue checks thanks to … Read more

Decipher the Ancient Scroll and Win Thousand

The Vesuvius Challenge: Decipher the Ancient Scroll and Win Thousands of Dollars

The ruins of Pompeii in front of Vesuvius. (Photo: Qfl247 via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0) In a normal day long ago in 79 CE, the volcano known as Mount Vesuvius erupted, blanketing the city below in volcanic ash. Pompeii was wiped out with people smothered in ash and buildings disappearing, not to be dug … Read more